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Things I’ve been up to
the oft-renamed BRITTANY BAKING CLUB now has a website courtesy of Katherine Hieber. Check thatshit out:
You know something is worth anything when it has a website and is a club. Marie and I have a bad habit of making clubs out of everything to do. Many of them short lived-Haruki Murakami club, Fight club, Slam Punk, etc.
I also just went to a concert Friday night and saw this amazing band The Bailen Brothers. They do a kind-of-corny funk thing but they put on an intense show. There were shirtless saxophones, trumpets on bars, and me actually dancing. And then an intense cover of “I can’t get no satisfaction” that included crouching and animal noises. Check them out at and their music video below
They’re playing again this Friday at The Smyth Hotel
If you’re in the know, than you’ve been victim to my constant updates about my Flatiron shows. For those of you not in the know…..
I am now playing at Flatiron Hotel every Saturday 5-8pm. It’s a really swanky place with an aquarium. We’re at Toshi’s playhouse, the hotel’s in-house restaurant which is amazing! I got the spaghetti and it was so good. My band got salad. Wimps. We play a bunch of covers -I want you back, rolling in the deep, rehab-and few popular originals.
Speaking of which, I have a band! These handsome fellows are in the Jazz Studies program and are all really great at what they do. I might post pictures later if it’s not too creepy. and if they never find this site.
Another post about my August show at a Jazz and Burlesque club (you heard me) and an amazing blog about asian-americans soon.
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omfg this movie is perf

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Real Life Princesses by Jirka Väätäinen

the tangled one looks like dakota fanning